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This issue of Optimum Magazine is an opportunity for Renault Trucks to give you a preview of its new range of electric vehicles, including the Renault Master Z.E., launched last September. Needless to say, this latest edition will also take you far afield. With Ismo, a Finnish driver selected to appear in the film presenting the new Renault Sport Racing limited edition. We are also featuring the Delanchy group, taking you behind the scenes for an insight into the all-electric deliveries to the Paul Bocuse wholesale food market in Lyon, France. We are also taking you to Pipau Transportes in Chile, which has been able to maintain its commanding position on a market stretching for more than 4,000 km from north to south. Furthermore we are giving you an opportunity to learn about the achievements of our laboratory vehicle, the Urban Lab 2 as well as the new Roadpad system, now built into Ranges T, C and K. Then there is the Used Trucks Factory, which gives pre-owned vehicles a new lease of life, together with our eXchange system, totally devoted to providing you with renovated and fully guaranteed parts. All of this and more.

Enjoy reading the latest issue of your Optimum Magazine!

Bruno Blin 
President of Renault Trucks