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Logging transport

Tough vehicles for a tough industry

Your perfect partner for timber transport

Timber transport requires the most robust vehicles, so Renault Trucks offers a vehicle specifically designed to overcome obstacles so that you can complete your tasks in any situation: the Renault Trucks K XTREM.

Equipped with a log carrier body structure, the Renault Trucks K is the ideal partner for all timber transport applications. This vehicle is equipped with numerous protection and filtration suited to harsh and dusty environments.

Reduced cab height
making it easier to drive the vehicle through a forest.

100% steel bumper
with a 32-degree approach angle.

Chassis with reinforced side members
to guarantee the mechanical strength of the frame.

Ground clearance
under axle 330 mm.

Cyclonic air filter
reinforced to reduce the need for maintenance and intensive daily use of the engine.

Xtrem 32t suspension
parabolic 4-leaf spring suspension.



Your Renault Trucks fleet

Renault Trucks K XTREM
6x4 tractor


  • DXi 11
  • 380/440 hp


  • Up to 120 t


  • Up to 26 t


  • Manual B14 MT 2514

Front axle capacity

  • 9 t

Rear drive axle capacity

  • 32 t

Recommended options

  • Limiter at 90 km/h
  • Reversing buzzer
  • Close-proximity mirrors
  • 2 wide-angle mirrors
  • 2 orange revolving lights
  • Round rear lights
  • Drive oil for heavy-duty use
  • 32 t XTREM elliptical tandem rear suspension
  • Reinforced exhaust silencer mounting
  • Seat belt fastened indicator light
  • Side lights
  • 3-position adjustable steering column
  • Radio CD/MP3 + Bluetooth®, USB
  • FMS Gateway
  • Climate control