First hybrid trucks

First hybrid trucks

Lyon, 14 June

François Bertreau, Chairman of the Board for Norbert Dentressangle, was presented with the keys to the company's first hybrid Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech vehicle by Stefano Chmielewski, CEO of Renault Trucks.

Logo clean tech/hybrys techBy combining an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, hybrid trucks are able to significantly reduce fuel consumption (by as much as 20%) and are quieter than their internal combustion engine equivalents, since the electric motor is used to power them from 0 to around 20 km an hour. Alternative energies will be playing an increasingly important role in the road haulage sector over the next few years. Renault Trucks has been preparing for this development for several years and currently offers its customers a wide range of Clean Tech vehicles (electric, hybrid or CNG).

Directors - hybrys tech truckWith the delivery of these first hybrid vehicles from its long-standing supplier, Renault Trucks, Norbert Dentressangle is embarking on a phase of testing technologies that offer an alternative to all-Diesel. These 19t Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech 4x2, 310 hp vehicles, to be used for urban and peri-urban distribution assignments, will be operated in Lyon and Paris. The Carrefour Group, which will have the good fortune to operate the vehicle in Paris, is depending on this technology to reduce its logistic chain's environmental impact. A third Renault Trucks hybrid vehicle is due to come into service this autumn in the UK.

François Bertreau stated: "The delivery of this first Renault Trucks hybrid vehicle to Norbert Dentressangle has grown from the fruitful partnership we have established with the Renault Trucks teams for more than 30 years, and is a further demonstration of our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The ambitious approach to preserving the environment we have been pursuing since 2003, as defined by partnership with the ADEME which was renewed in December 2009, has already allowed us to make some significant progress. With 85% of our fleet complying with the Euro IV and Euro V standards, we are now operating Europe's cleanest and most modern fleet on behalf of our customers, for whom reducing their carbon footprint has also become an aim."

Stefano Chmielewski added: "Road transport is undergoing a revolution. And Renault Trucks is playing a major role in these changes. Not only by offering its customers Diesel vehicles with low fuel consumption, but also by offering them - for several years now - vehicles running on alternative energies. After two years of being tested by customers under actual operating conditions, Renault Trucks is now in full command of this technology. The delivery of these two vehicles using hybrid technology to a customer like Norbert Dentressangle clearly demonstrates that the various players in the road haulage industry are making progress together towards a sustainable goods transport system."