The new Renault Master was unveiled at the latest edition of the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham.

The new Renault Master from Renault Trucks

The new Renault Master is to be unveiled at the latest edition of the Birmingham Commercial Vehicle Show. Available in versions from 2.8 to 4.5 t, the new Renault Master benefits from a new design, new power ratings, bi-turbo technology, ESC as standard and the Eco-Mode to encourage fuel savings.

Nouveau Renault MasterThe Commercial Vehicle Show, which was held in Birmingham from 29 April to 1 May 2014, is where Renault Trucks presented the new Renault Master. Available from 2.8 to 4.5 t, there will be a panel van, simple chassis and crew cab, combi, bus and platform cab versions. Front or rear wheel drive configurations will also be on offer with single or twin wheels and manual or automated manual transmissions. The new Renault Master offers the perfect solution to customers operating in urban environments.The new Renault Master features bi-turbo technology (on the 135 and 165 hp engines). This technology makes it possible to operate in turn, or together, a low-pressure turbo and a high pressure turbo, thereby benefiting from maximum supercharging pressure during all engine use phases. For the driver, this means greater driving comfort, increased performance and, at the same time, lower consumption and therefore lower CO2 emissions.

Customers choosing the new Renault Master can also save fuel by using the Eco-Mode. The versions with 135 hp and 165 hp engines are fitted with this system as standard. The driver can optimise fuel consumption by simply pressing a button on the dashboard. The new Renault Master also features the Stop & Start system as standard on the 135 hp and 165 hp versions. This automatically puts the engine on standby when the vehicle is stationary at traffic lights. The engine starts again simply by pressing on the clutch or engaging the first gear. Combined with the bi-turbo technology, these systems make it possible to save up to 10% on fuel consumption.

Nouveau Renault MasterThe new Renault Master is equipped with a 2.3 L Euro 5 engine and offers a wide range of power ratings: for vehicles equipped with manual transmissions (110 to 165 hp), five power ratings are available, whereas for those with automated manual gearboxes (125 and 150 hp), there is a choice of two power ratings.

As far as safety is concerned, all versions of the new Renault Master are equipped with the ESC directional stability control as standard. For manoeuvrability and optimal safety, the ESC also incorporates the Hill Start Aid feature, assistance with emergency braking (Emergency Break Assist), an electronic traction control (Extended Grip), a trailer stability function (Trailer Swing Assist), Adaptive Load Control and an Anti Rollover Control System.

On the combi versions, a tyre pressure surveillance system is also available. Finally, for enhanced visibility and maximum safety, the passenger sunshield on the new Renault master can be fitted with a mirror. When deployed, this overcomes the blind spot between the field of vision offered by the exterior rearview mirror and a direct view.

The overall design of the Renault Master has also benefited from changes to its design. It now has a new hood, a new radiator grille and can be fitted with an anti-gravel screen on the radiator. Like the vehicles on the new Renault Trucks range, the new Renault Master now also features a red metallic “by Renault Trucks” plate on the driver’s door, the passenger door and, for van configurations, on the vehicle’s rear door.

Finally, because for Renault Trucks, service is an integral part of the vehicle, the new Renault Master offers services adapted to its application. This means, the centres with the Fast & Pro label offer customers an area devoted to LCVs, with fast turnaround times for vehicle servicing and controlled costs. The quality of Renault Trucks service is also available via the Start & Drive maintenance contracts and optimised financing and insurance solutions.

The Renault Trucks Distribution range is the most comprehensive on the market with the new Renault Master, the Renault Trucks D and the Renault Trucks D WIDE.