Reveal your eco-driver instinct

Inaugurated in 2012 and dedicated completely to eco-driving, the Optifuel Challenge is a manifestation of Renault Trucks' commitment to supporting drivers in terms of fuel economy and our global vehicle/driver/services approach, combining to reduce fuel consumption sustainably from the first turn of a wheel. 3000 drivers participated in the last event, representing 2300 countries from 29 different countries.




Drivers of Renault Trucks T or T High vehicles may take part in the qualifying tests via Ecoscore, one of the functions in Optifleet, the Renault Trucks fleet management software package. You will be assessed on the basis of your results. The Ecoscore tool can be used to assess driving efficiency and correct use of the truck independently, thanks to an algorithm developed on the basis of more than twenty tears of manufacturing experience in economical driving. The system gauges driving efficiency according to three main criteria:

  • anticipation (using vehicle inertia and the brake pedal);
  • correct use of the vehicle (time spent in the economy zone);
  • the time spent with the engine idling.

The winner of the international final will drive off with a 2019 Renault Trucks T High truck.


The driver stepping onto the top step of the podium will have the privilege of representing their country in the international final, which will take place in October 2019. The title winner will drive off with a 2019 Renault Trucks T High.

Renault Trucks T High for 2019 has a fuel consumption reduced by up to 3% in comparison with the previous generation. Linked to theOptifuel Challenge, it showcases the French manufacturer's focus: the continued improvement of their vehicles' energy efficiency.





Optifleet: Save up to €5000 per vehicle per year

The various modules enable fleet managers to co-ordinate their activity in real time and maintain control of their main cost items. They can monitor the fuel consumption of their vehicles (Check), geolocate their fleet in real time (Map), monitor driving hours, again in real time, and download tachograph and driver card data remotely (Drive). In France, since June 2017, 100% of Renault Trucks T, C (2.5 m) and K models are equipped as standard with the Optifleet on-board fleet management solution. The Optifleet Check and Map solutions are activated on all newly purchased vehicles for a four-year period, with customer agreement.

Optifuel Programme: Fuel savings of up to 15%

Optifuel Programme is the global solution designed to reduce your company's fuel costs. Combining Optifuel Training and Optifuel Infomax, this programme is designed for driver trainers and fleet managers who can then, in turn, train their drivers.


Optifuel Handover: Optimal vehicle use from the first mile

Vehicle handover programme for optimum use from the very first mile.


Optifuel Training: Training in rational driving

Optifuel Training is a training module for drivers, providing them with training in rational driving and preservation of the drive train.


Optifuel Infomax: Monitor your fuel consumption and analyse your driving modes

Optifuel Infomax is a software package presenting detailed expertise on driving and fuel consumption analysis.


Further information is available on the Optifuel Solutions page.